CREOLINK is an enterprise that specialized in the provision of Telecommunications services.

It offers and proposes optimal and innovative communications solutions for all audiences, including access to high-speed Internet, telephony, connection of multiple remote sites and much more…

Established in January 2001, CREOLINK has revolutionized the management of daily business work in Cameroon with its perfect knowledge of the implementation of new technologies of information and communication.

In order to contribute efficiently to your development efforts, CREOLINK has set a number of missions:

• Offer you products and services in the telecommunications sector according to your needs and your financial means.

• Be a provider of telecommunications services recognized as leader by the quality of its products and services but also by his unfailing professionalism.

• Reflect an organization where employees work in a serene and pleasant environment that allows them to flourish and enjoy a full autonomy desirable in order to succeed and excel.

• Participate to the national economy by being a group of professionals present in business, cultural and social activities.

• Be a united and profitable enterprise.

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